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Vanity of Man in Borås

14 May, 2009

nicho södling

Last chance to see Nicho Södling’s exhibition at Abecita Corsettfabriken.
Closing on the 17th of May, watch the Vanity of Man homepage here

From BrittonBritton pressrelease:

…the accute vanity and passionate pre-occupation with personal looks and appearances was the single most powerful impression that struck Swedish fashion and lifestyle photographer Nicho Södling when he traveled in the remote, previously isolated Omo delta in Southwestern Ethiopia…

You can experience a selection of photographs at the Stockholm Fotoantikvariat until the 9th of June.

Stockholm Fotoantikvariat
Torkel Knutssonsgatan 31

In February 2010 Vanity of Man will open at Landskrona Museum

nicho södling